Masih Ingat Artis Cantik Asmirandah Yang Resmi Murtad? Lihat Apa Yang Terjadi Dengannya Sekarang – Mengejutkan!!

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The price will not necessarily fall as low as the 200-day EMA, even during a large correction. On Jan. 12, for instance, it bottomed about 6.5 percent above the 200-day EMA. Similarly, on March 25, it was about 2.5 percent above the 200-day EMA. On July 16 the bottom formed 10.7 percent above the 200-day EMA.

Though not perfect, traders can start their purchase about 15 percent above the 200-day EMA, with staggered buy orders below that.

How do we calculate how far above is the price from the 200-day EMA?

Though there doesn’t exist any specific indicator for it, we can use the “Price Oscillator” (PPO) by altering its values smartly. The PPO offers the percentage difference between two exponential moving averages. Therefore, if we need to plot how far away the price is from the 200 EMA, we can feed the values of 1,200, which will give us the desired result.

What if Bitcoin breaks down below 200-day EMA?

If the price breaks down of the long-term moving average, it is a warning signal that things have changed. It indicates that Bitcoin is either entering into a long-term downtrend or into a range-bound action, which will require a different trading strategy.

In trading, profit is made by buying and selling at the opportune time. While we have identified a low-risk buying strategy, we have yet to ascertain the best time to sell. Let’s take a look at that, next.

Best place to sell

There was no indicator that would have given a consistent sell signal at the top. But it was noted that a simple trendline did the job perfectly.

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