Tinggal Serumah Dengan Bapa Mertua Sebab Suami Keluar .. Tiba Tiba Bapa Mertua Ini Meminta Sesuatu Yang Buat Saya Tersentak !

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Saya buntu tak taw nk luah kt sapa sebab saya dah janji dengan bapa mertua tak bgtau kat siapa2 termasuk suami saya sendiri skrng ni sye jd sebersalah dgn suami saya. Kalau saya bagitau suami takut dia tak percaya klau bgtau kakak ipar sye lagi laa dia tk percaya …. ape yg perlu sye buat skrng ni .. maaf laa kalau tak faham apa yg sye cerita kn sbb sye bukan pandai sngt nk bercerita…

SUMBER : https://cikguviral.com/2017/07/16/tinggal-serumah-dgn-bapa-mertua-suatu-hari-suami-keluar-permintaan-pelik-bapa-mertua/

How to Trade Bitcoin in 2018

How to Trade Bitcoin in 2018
How to Trade Bitcoin in 2018

Last year was a stellar one for Bitcoin, as it opened trading at $966 before embarking on a rally that took it to as high as $20,000. Even after the volatility of the past few days, Bitcoin has beaten all the other asset classes by a huge margin.

The big question on everyone’s mind now is: what will happen in 2018 and how should one trade Bitcoin?

The experts are divided in their opinion. The aggressive bulls have given targets of above $60,000for 2018. That’s a 300% increase from the current levels. On the other hand, the skeptics continue to question the cryptocurrencies’ valuation, calling it a bubble.

Some expect wild swings in 2018. Saxo Bank’s outrageous prediction lists a possible high of $60,000, followed by a drop to $1,000. Similarly, cryptocurrency entrepreneur Julian Hospbelieves that Bitcoin will fall to $5,000, but he tends to think that it will also touch $60,000. He is not sure which level will be reached first.

While the predictions offer us different opinions, it is difficult to trade off them. So we have tried to identify a few unique patterns on the charts that repeated in 2017. These can be used as guidelines by the traders to develop a suitable strategy for 2018.

50-day Simple Moving Average

In 2017, 50-day Simple Moving Average (SMA) acted as critical support. In all other instances, the price touched the moving average or dipped below it during intraday, but quickly recovered. So, a purchase close to the 50-day SMA offers a low-risk buying opportunity. Buy close to the 50-day SMA and keep a stop loss below it.

200-day EMA decline as long-term entry opportunity

Bitcoin offered low-risk entry opportunities to the long-term traders en route to its 20-fold rise in 2017. It has not traded below the 200-day exponential moving average (EMA) since October 2015, which is critical support.

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